Our Leadership

Utilizing the Gifts of Believers

The leadership structure of MCC is based on the model exemplified in the early church. As the church began to grow there was a need to organize itself so the gifts of believers could be utilized and the body could flourish. That's why in Acts 6:1-5 we clearly see three groups of leaders emerge in the church:

The SPIRITUAL LEADERS focused on prayer, teaching, and spiritual accountability. We call these leaders our shepherding team.

The ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERS (The Church) decided important operational matters. We call these leaders our executive board.

The SERVANT LEADERS focused on ministering to the physical, and sometimes, spiritual needs of the church. We call these leaders our deacons.

Our LEAD PASTOR serves on both the Shepherding Team and the Executive Board.

The CHURCH STAFF leads both operationally and spiritually under the direction of the Lead Pastor and under the authority of the Executive Board.


Executive Board

John Chastain - Moderator, Blaine Clarke - Vice Moderator, Bill Freeman - Treasurer, Pat Luan - Church Clerk, Richard Hassinger, David Pelfrey, Lisa Broaddus, Ken Stringer, Darcy Strong, Jacob Abbs, Annie Helwig, Michael Hull, Brad Mueller, Brett Schatz.


Shepherding Board

David McPherson, Phil Posthuma, Chad Royal, Ryan McClain


Deacon Ministry Team

John Meeker - Chairperson, Diane Wallace - Secretary, Don Dudrow, Alice Jessup, Jerry King, Diane Pearson, Karl Brown, Sherry Dreisig, Jerri LeMay, Mark Sommerville, Bonnie Bernard, Karen Gardner, Jeff Hartzler, Guenter Lensges, Sarah Mueller, Dan Volkens


Trustee Ministry Team

Sally Barnhart - Chairperson, Luke Hartman - Vice Chairperson, Paula Ray - Secretary, Tim Schatz, Jim Helwig, Tad Taylor, Vicki Knupple, Kirk Lake, Mark Pearson


Phil Posthuma, Lead Pastor