Children are a gift from God: they are His reward.

PSALM 127:3



I'm glad that you are exploring our weekday preschool online and ask that you contact me at cconner@mcc.us if you have questions that are unanswered.  The preschool was started in 1987 and has grown throughout the years.  The preschool is a part of Montgomery Community Church Next-Gen Ministries, an Ohio licensed Preschool program which does not discriminate in accepting children because of race, color, religion, sex or national origin. 


The purpose of the Montgomery Community Church Preschool is to provide a learning environment in a Christian setting.  The program encourages the development of each child's social, intellectual, and physical skills, as well as spiritual growth in order to prepare each child for the formal learning experience.  As the children experience different developmentally appropriate activities encompassing the arts, language development, math, science, social studies, pre-reading, writing, music, and Chapel, we believe they will come away from their preschool years self-confident and more creative.


MCC Preschool philosophy states “We believe that, when exposed to a loving and caring Christian atmosphere, the social and academic development of children will be enhanced. Children need inter-relationships with people and a variety of new experiences to ready them for the formalized learning that will be expected of them soon. Thank you for visiting Montgomery Community Church Preschool!  

Chris Conner, Director cconner@mcc.church


MCC Preschool Staff

The needs of each child are of the utmost importance. The selection of staff is based on their love for children, their Christian commitment, and appropriate educational training and teaching experience. All teachers hold a bachelor’s degree and/or master’s degree in education and are chosen because they have expertise in training and caring for young children. Assistants hold a minimum of a high school diploma and attend a minimum of 15 hours of in-service each year until they have 45 hours. In addition, staff members are trained in communicable diseases, first aid, CPR, recognition of child abuse and attend 5 hours in child development training.

MCC Preschool Curriculum

Through a multi-sensory approach to learning, your preschooler will be exposed to a variety of educational activities in an environment which will encourage a continual interest in learning.  With these objectives in mind, we have developed a curriculum which is based on the Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards and The Creative Curriculum for preschool education as well as our own educational philosophy.

Classes Available


This class meets on Wednesday/Friday from 9:30 AM to 12:00 noon.  It is intended to be an introduction to preschool. Students will have opportunities for social interaction in a group situation, with activities appropriate for their age group and developmental level.  The typical group size is 12 children with 1 lead teacher and 1 assistant teacher.  (For children turning three (3) between October 1 and March 1)


Emphasis is placed on socialization with peers in a group situation, relating to adults other than parents, developing language skills, and having fun. This program encourages motor skill development and an awareness of self and others. The children will develop a basic understanding of Preschool enrichment through circle time, activities, learning centers, and games. Stories and sing-a-longs with a Christian emphasis will be used.  The typical group size is 14-16 children with 1 lead teacher and 1 assistant teacher. (For children turning 3 by September 30)


This program is balanced with social and academic skills and is intended to prepare children for entrance to kindergarten. As the children share experiences, they begin to recognize their individual talents and creative ability that will help prepare them for academic success in years to come. Through loving Christian teachers, stories, and sing-a-longs, children will also learn about the reality of God’s love for them. Typical group size is 14-16 with one lead teacher and one assistant teacher. (For children turning 4 by September 30.)


A preschool program for children who are five and choose not to attend Kindergarten. Children will be further prepared and challenged in the areas of social and academic skills, with an emphasis on pre-reading, writing in journals, math, science and social studies. Typical group size is 14-16 with one lead teacher and one assistant teacher. (Recommended for children turning 5  May-September 30.)


There are two 13-week sessions during the school year, which meet from 12:00-1:30 PM one day a week.  Children bring a sack lunch and eat together in a classroom.  They have time for large muscle activities and enjoy an enrichment activity. Typical group size is 14-16 with one lead teacher and one assistant teacher.  Three-year-olds are grouped together and four- and five-year-olds are grouped together.

2018/19 Registration

The 2018/19 MCC Preschool Registration will open January 9-18 for priority registrations (currently enrolled, church members, siblings).  From January 23 - February 2, 2018, registration will be open to the community (families new to MCC Preschool).  A registration form and $65 is required.  Contact Chris Conner at cconner@mcc.church or call 513-469-5333 for more information.  Download your registration form here


Upcoming Events

October 23 - Preschool Dad's Night | 6:30 PM | Y3's and 3's

October 25 - Preschool Dad's Night | 6:30 PM | 4's and 5's 

November 6 & 7 - Parent Teacher Conferences (no classes)

November 20 - 23 - Thanksgiving Holiday (No classes this week)

December 13 - Christmas Program | 11 AM | All classes except 3's

December 20 - January 7, 2019 - Preschool Closed. Classes resume on January 8, 2019.

For a printable calendar please click here.